Baptism (Christening)

Baptism is the act by which a man or woman, having openly declared a trust in Jesus Christ and a desire to follow him, is joined to the Christian family, the Church. Baptism involves a personal allegiance to Jesus Christ, and a commitment to the life, fellowship and worship of the Church. It recognises the gift from God of new life in Christ.

Although baptism normally requires a personal act of faith and commitment, the Church does accept for baptism those who are not yet old enough to do this, on the understanding that the child will receive a Christian upbringing within the family of Christ’s Church.  It is a good idea for Parents and Godparents to read though the details of the Baptism service (link below) and be sure that you yourselves are willing and able to make the vows which you will be asked to take on the day.

Godparents are very important people.  Parents should choose someone who will be a good example and someone who can be relied upon to pray for their child, speak to them about God and encourage them in their Christian faith.

Godparents may be relations or friends, but they are more than that. They have special tasks - - helping children come to know God, encouraging them in their membership of the local church and taking an interest in their pilgrimage of faith.

Godparents must themselves be baptised, and preferably confirmed - or the equivalent in other denominations. Please add the contact name of your local church minister to the registration form.

The Service ... To see a copy of the service please   CLICK HERE

Please consider whether you will keep the vows which you will make in the service, - before the congregation and before God. These include regular church attendance.

If you live in our Parish, then, to book a Baptism Service with  Gonerby church please    CLICK HERE