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St Sebastian’s is
an Evangelical  Anglican
Christian Community

Where Jesus is at the Centre

We believe that being a Christian is about knowing Jesus personally. It’s a relationship not a religion.  Jesus’ purpose is that those who know Him should become a new community who share a relationship with Him - and therefore with one another.

Where the Bible is our Guide  

We believe that the only way we can know about God is through what He has chosen to show us. The Bible is the record of His revelation.  We believe that it is God’s map for us - first to help us to find Him and then to find our way through life.

We are part of the West Grantham Group of Villages, together with Barrowby All Sainta, Harlaxton St Mary & St Peter's, Denton St Andrew's, Woolsthorpe by Belvoir St James, Stroxton All Saints, & Wyville with Hungerton St Catherine's.

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